Research team

Antwerp Electrochemical and Analytical Sciences Lab (A-Sense Lab)


An experience postdoc researcher currently working in the field of electrochemical analysis, electrochemical sensors, biosensors, bioelectrocatalysis, bioelectrochemistry, DNA sensors and immunosensors. I have experience in electrochemical and spectroelectrochemical characterization of organic molecules (in organic solvents), purification and characterization of proteins such as antibodies and food allergens, including SDS PAGE, gel-permeation chromatography, ELISA. I developed a novel concept of using photogenerated singlet oxygen in electrochemical sensors and biosensors. I have hands-on experience with most electrochemical techniques (voltammetry, potentiometry, chronoamperometry, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, electropolymerization), modification of electrodes by proteins, DNA, antibodies, bacteria, electrocatalysts, protecting membranes, semiconductors, mesoporous materials. Recent experience includes the development of sensors for antibiotics based on bacteria and disposable electrodes. I am interested in approaches that facilitate the production and application of electrochemical sensors outside of laboratories, especially for food quality control and medical diagnostics. I have a solid background in physical chemistry, chemical kinetics, electrochemistry, enzymology, analytical chemistry.