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The antioxidative role of cytoglobin in podocytes : implications for a role in chronic kidney disease
Randi Elisa B.   Vervaet Benjamin   Tsachaki Maria   Porto Elena   Vermeylen Stijn   Lindenmeyer Maja T.   Le Thi Thanh Thuy   Cohen Clemens D.   Devuyst Olivier   Kistler Andreas D.   Szabo Csaba   Kawada Norifumi   Hankeln Thomas   Odermatt Alex   Dewilde Sylvia   Wenger Roland H.   Hoogewijs David  
Antioxidants and redox signaling - ISSN 1523-0864-32:16 (2020) p. 1155-1171
Surprising differences in the respiratory protein of insects: A spectroscopic study of haemoglobin from the European honeybee and the malaria mosquito
Nys Kevin   Cuypers Bert   Berghmans Herald   Hammerschmid Dietmar   Moens Luc   Dewilde Sylvia   Van Doorslaer Sabine  
Biochimica et biophysica acta : proteins and proteomics - ISSN 1570-9639-1868:6 (2020)
Non-thermal plasma as a unique delivery system of short-lived reactive oxygen and nitrogen species for immunogenic cell death in melanoma cells
Lin Abraham   Gorbanev Yury   De Backer Joey   Van Loenhout Jinthe   Van Boxem Wilma   Lemière Filip   Cos Paul   Dewilde Sylvia   Smits Evelien   Bogaerts Annemie  
Advanced Science - ISSN 2198-3844-6:6 (2019)
Reaction of chloride anion with atomic oxygen in aqueous solutions : can cold plasma help in chemistry research?
Gorbanev Yury   Van der Paal Jonas   Van Boxem Wilma   Dewilde Sylvia   Bogaerts Annemie  
Physical chemistry, chemical physics - ISSN 1463-9076-21:8 (2019) p. 4117-4121
Neuroglobin expression in the brain : a story of tissue homeostasis preservation
Van Acker Zoë   Luyckx Evi   Dewilde Sylvia  
Molecular neurobiology - ISSN 0893-7648-56:3 (2019) p. 2101-2122

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