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About Tijl Nuyts

Tijl Nuyts studied literature and linguistics (BA) and comparative literature (MA) at the University of Leuven and Oxford Brookes University. After his teaching training, he worked as a teaching assistant of Spanish proficiency and Hispanic literature and film at the same university. In January 2018, he started working at the University of Antwerp (Ruusbroec Institute) on the PhD project ‘Mystical Heritage and Modern Identities: Reception and Appropriation of the Medieval ‘Flemish’ Mystic Hadewijch in Interwar Belgium’. In that context, he has published and presented on the appropriation of Hadewijch's Visions in Belgian Surrealist poetry, on the remembrance of Hadewijch in the works of Francophone Flemish authors such as Suzanne Lilar and on the histore croisée between Catholic and modernist mediators of Middle Dutch mystical literature. He is also interested in the mobilisation of mysticism in other contexts, especially in late modernity: he wrote, amongst other things, on the uses of Islamic mysticism in Mexican neo-avant garde prose and in US American spoken word. As a teaching assistant, he collaborates in courses of the departments of literature (narratology and poetry analysis, afterlives of mystical authors) and history (bachelor paper's seminar on mystical heritage and modern identities).

Contributions to conferences

“‘Into the Intimacy of this Nothing that is the One’. Suzanne Lilar’s Mobilization of the Middle Dutch Mystic Hadewijch as an Icon of Neoplatonic Nostalgia.” Mystical Theology Network ‘Thinking about Nothing: Negation, Philosophy and the Mystical’. Liverpool Hope University, 3-5 July 2020. [accepted abstract]

“Hadewijch herinneren. Mediatie van Middelnederlandse mystieke literatuur in tijden van massatoerisme en #MeToo. Michiel Cox’ Messias van niks (2019).” Vloeibare verhalen: Neerlandistiek onder laatmoderne condities. Universiteit Leiden, 17-18-19 June 2020. [accepted abstract]

“(Self-)Translating Surrealist Love and Middle Dutch Mystical Literature. The Multiple Roles of Marc. Eemans, Cultural Mediator in Interwar Belgium.” Avant-Garde Poetry in Translation, UGent, 12 March 2020. [accepted abstract]

“‘The rustling in the trees is / not the rustling in the trees / it is Your voice’. Apostrophe, Grief and Mystical Strategy in Joost Baars’s Binnenplaats [Enclosure] (2017).” Grief and the Arts in the West from the Middle Ages to the 21st Century. KU Leuven, November 28–30, 2019.

“‘Toute ma volonté est de témoigner de la  cohérence du monde’. Worlding Middle Dutch mystical literature in the poetics and ethos of the Francophone Flemish author Suzanne Lilar.” Wordling the Low Countries. University College London, 6-8 November.

“Sampling Sufism: Afro-American Muslim Identities, Authorial Ethos and the Annihilation of the Self in Amir Sulaiman’s Spoken Word Poetry.” Babel colloquium : Les franges du religieux — Religious fringes — Aan de rand van de religie. UCLouvain. September 2019.

“Middeleeuwse mystiek als modernistisch manifest? Strategische vertalingen en surrealistisch ethos in Hermès. Mystique – Poésie – Philosophie (1933-1939).” Masterclass Cultuur en Religie. Universiteit Antwerpen, 18 September 2018.

“Círculos alrededor de determinados puntos.’ El pensamiento de Ibn ‘Arabi en la obra de Mario Bellatin.” Jornada sobre literatura mexicana reciente. KU Leuven, 21 April 2017.


Nuyts Tijl. “La dialéctica entre lo uno y lo múltiple: el sufismo de Ibn 'Arabi en la narrativa de Mario Bellatin.” Confluencia: revista hispánica de cultura y literatura. 34:2(2019), p. 37-51

Nuyts Tijl [edit.]. Mystieke pleisterplaatsen in de literatuur. Romaneske; 43.1 (Special issue) Leuven, Vereniging van Leuvense romanisten, 2019, 75 p. ISSN 0772-6406.

Nuyts Tijl. “Mystieke pleisterplaatsen in de literatuur. Woord vooraf.” Romaneske 43:1(2019): 4-6.

Nuyts Tijl. “Strategisch soefisme. Mystieke markers in de poëtica en het auteursethos van Mario Bellatin.” Romaneske 43:1(2019): 40-55.

Nuyts Tijl, Cunin Daniel. “’Chaque lecteur façonne sa propre Hadewijch'. Entretien avec Daniel Cunin à propos de sa traduction des Chants de la mystique brabançonne Hadewijch.” Romaneske 43:1(2019): 7-16

Nuyts Tijl. “Mystiek als strategie: surrealistische appropriatie van Middelnederlandse mystiek als modern nostalgisch project in Marc. Eemans' Vergeten te worden (1930).” Vooys: tijdschrift voor letteren 37:1 (2019): 6-17.

Nuyts Tijl. “'The West is shit': over poëzieonderwijs in een multiculturele context en de religieuze spoken word van Amir Sulaiman” Awater / Stichting Poëzieclub (2018): 22-27.

Nuyts Tijl. “Middelnederlandse mystiek in tijden van massatoerisme en #MeToo. Recensie van Michiel Cox’ Messias van niks” De reactor: Vlaams-Nederlands platform voor literatuurkritiek (2020).

Nuyts Tijl. “Onder de hoed van een zelfmoordterrorist. Recensie van De beloning van Fikry El Azzouzi.” - (2019.05.29).

Nuyts Tijl. “Onder de hoed van een zelfmoordterrorist. Recensie van De beloning van Fikry El Azzouzi.” De reactor: Vlaams-Nederlands platform voor literatuurkritiek (2019.09.21).

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