Vincent Scheltiens graduated at the University of Antwerp with a PhD in history on Flemish and Walloon identity construction by means of alterity discourses, an interdisciplinary project involving history, linguistics and political science. He is a member of Power in History - Centre for Political History. His master's dissertation explored breach and continuity in the life of War Van Overstraeten, founder and first Member of Parliament of the Communist Party in the 1920s and, from the 1930s, animistic painter, inspired by the mystic religious.

He was researcher at the Brussels based Study Centre War and Contemporary Society (CegeSoma) / State Archives where he conducted in 2010 an international research project concerning 'Privacy and Historical Research', focusing on police archives of former authoritarian states in Europe in the 20th century. In 2015-2016 he coordinated a research project on the life of the jewish population in Brussels between 1930 and 1950.

He publishes on nationalism and national identity construction, the political history of Belgium, the historical left and Spanish contemporary history.


member of the scientific council of ADVN - Archive and Research Center for national movements

board of directors Institute for the Cooperation between University and Labour Movement (ISUA -UA)


Statute & functions

Bijzonder academisch personeel

  • postdoctoral researcher

Bijzonder academisch personeel

  • visiting professor