Vincenzo De Florio

Affiliated member

Resilience and Organization

My major research interests are resilience and organization.

Resilience comes from Latin resilire: "to spring back, start back, rebound, recoil, retreat", and is often intended and defi ned as the ability to cope with or recover from change. Resilience is one of those general systems attributes that appear to play a central role in several disciplines (for instance, in ecology, business, psychology, industrial safety, microeconomics, computer networks, security, management science, cybernetics, control theory, as well as crisis and disaster management and recovery). My major focus is the resilience in artificial systems, both individually and in a collective dimension. A concept that I recently focused my attention onto is computational antifragility. Some reflections and results are described in the papers "On Resilient Behaviors in Computational Systems and Environments" and "On environments as systemic exoskeletons: Crosscutting optimizers and antifragility enablers".

Organization comes from ancient Greek ὅργανον (organon): "instrument, tool, organ". Organization refers to the emergence of a Whole from a collection of Parts. Organization is a term that assumed specialized meanings in various disciplines. My major focus is organization and emergence in cyber-physical societies. Relevant results in this context have been the definition of fractal social organizations (FSOs), service-oriented communities, and mutual assistance communities. In this talk I provide an introduction to FSOs. In this YouTube channel I collected some videoclips of FSOs. By this I mean that what you see and what you hear there are representations of my FSOs. Among the most recent and noteworthy results related to FSOs I would highlight the experiences reported in the following two papers: Tapping Into the Wells of Social Energy: A Case Study Based on Falls Identification and How Resilient Are Our Societies? Analyses, Models, and Preliminary Results.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for discussions about the above concepts and their application!