Vincenzo De Florio

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Key publications

On the use of IoT and big data technologies for real-time monitoring and data processing
Malek Y. Nait   Kharbouch A.   El Khoukhi H.   Bakhouya M.   De Florio Vincenzo   El Ouadghiri D.   LatrĂ© Steven   Blondia Christian    
Procedia computer science-113 (2017) p. 1-6
Towards a smarter organization for a self-servicing society
De Florio Vincenzo   Bakhouya M.   Eloudghiri D.   Blondia Christian    
Proceeding DSAI 2016 Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Software Development and Technologies for Enhancing Accessibility and Fighting Info-exclusion, Vila Real, Portugal December 01 - 03, 2016-p. 254-260
On resilient behaviors in computational systems and environments
De Florio Vincenzo  
Journal of Reliable Intelligent Environments - ISSN 2199-4668-1:1 (2015) p. 33-46
Reflections on organization, emergence, and control in sociotechnical systems
De Florio Vincenzo  
Communication and control : tools, systems, and new dimensions / Macdougall, Robert [edit.]-p. 1-14
A framework for trustworthiness assessment based on fidelity in cyber and physical domains
De Florio Vincenzo   Primiero Giuseppe  
Procedia computer science-52 (2015) p. 996-1003

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