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I started my research at the UA in the TFVS group of Prof. Dr. J. T. Devreese in 1996, with the main focus on vortex states in mesoscopic superconductors. In 2003 I first moved to the Forschungszentrum Julich (FZJ) and then, in 2004, to RIKEN (Japan) where I investigated dynamics of vortex matter in periodic and aperiodic landscapes and diffusion, dynamics and ratcheting of interacting particles.

In 2006 I returned to the UA, first as an EU Marie-Curie Fellow, and then, in 2007, I was awarded, among the first 17 nominees in Flanders, with the “Odysseus” Reintegration Grant of the Flemish Government aimed “to establish a new line of research and organize a new research team”. The main theme of research of my “Odysseus” team became: the dynamics of interacting particles in complex environments including dynamics and diffusion of colloidal particles and vortex matter*. My recent research interest is related to Active Soft Matter, i.e., study of the behavior of artificial self-propelled particles in complex environments, with the focus of applications in biology, medicine and physics. At the same time, I continue my research in vortex matter. Since January 2017, I joined the Theory of Quantum and Complex Systems (TQC) group of Prof. Dr. Jacques Tempere.


Note: In English, my name is spelled as “Vyacheslav R. Misko”, as it appears in all my publications.

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