Publications in the spotlight

On the tensor product of linear sites and Grothendieck categories
Lowen Wendy   Ramos González Julia   Shoykhet Boris  
International mathematics research notices - ISSN 1073-7928-21 (2018) p. 6698-6736
The Gerstenhaber-Schack complex for prestacks
Dinh Van Hoang   Lowen Wendy  
Advances in mathematics - ISSN 0001-8708-330 (2018) p. 173-228
Filtered cA∞-categories and functor categories
De Deken Olivier   Lowen Wendy  
Applied categorical structures - ISSN 0927-2852-26:5 (2018) p. 943-996
Non-commutative deformations and quasi-coherent modules
Dinh Van Hoang   Liu Liyu   Lowen Wendy  
Selecta mathematica: new series - ISSN 1022-1824-23:2 (2017) p. 1061-1119
Hochschild cohomology of projective hypersurfaces
Liu Liyu   Lowen Wendy  
International mathematics research notices - ISSN 1073-7928- (2017) p. 1-35

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