Book Focus on Bio-Image Informatics

Recently, we have composed a special issue for the journal Advances Anatomy Embryology and Cell Biology that focuses on the emerging field of bio-image informatics, presenting novel and exciting ways of handling and interpreting large image data sets. A collection of focused reviews written by key players in the field highlights the major directions and provides an excellent reference work for both young and experienced researchers. The final book is for sale here, but the revised author versions can be accessed here below (press the icon for download).


Sbalzarini I.

Seeing Is Believing: Quantifying Is Convincing: Computational Image Analysis in Biology

Roels J., Aelterman J., De Vylder J., Lippens S., Luong H., Guerin C. and Philips W. 

Image Degradation in Microscopic Images: Avoidance, Artifacts, and Solutions

Püspöki Z, Storath M., Sage D. and Unser M.

Transforms and Operators for Directional Bioimage Analysis: A Survey

Paparelli L., Corthout N., Pavie B., Annaert W. and Munck S.

Analyzing Protein Clusters on the Plasma Membrane: Application of Spatial Statistical Analysis Methods on Super-Resolution Microscopy Images

Detrez J., Verstraelen P., Gebuis T., Verschuuren M., Kuijlaars J., Langlois X., Nuydens R., Timmermans JP and De Vos W.

Image Informatics Strategies for Deciphering Neuronal Network Connectivity

Sieprath T., Corne T., Willems P., Koopman W. and De Vos W.

Integrated High-Content Quantification of Intracellular ROS Levels and Mitochondrial Morphofunction

Dietz C. and Berthold M.

KNIME for Open-Source Bioimage Analysis: A Tutorial

Haubold C., Schiegg M., Kreshuk A., Berg S., Koethe U. and Hamprecht F.

Segmenting and Tracking Multiple Dividing Targets Using

Kozubek M.

Challenges and Benchmarks in Bioimage Analysis

Peng H., Zhou2, Zhi Zhou J.,  Bria A., Li Y., Kleissas D., Drenkow N., Long B.,  Liu X. and Chen H.

Bioimage Informatics for Big Data