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Drought induces distinct growth response, protection, and recovery mechanisms in the maize leaf growth zone
Avramova Viktoriya   Abd Elgawad Hamada   Zhang Zhengfeng   Fotschki Bartosz   Casadevall Romina   Vergauwen Lucia   Knapen Dries   Taleisnik Edith   Guisez Yves   Asard Han   Beemster Gerrit  
Plant physiology - ISSN 0032-0889-169:2 (2015) p. 1382-+
Both the concentration and redox state of glutathione and ascorbate influence the sensitivity of arabidopsis to cadmium
Jozefczak Marijke   Bohler Sacha   Schat Henk   Horemans Nele   Guisez Yves   Remans Tony   Vangronsveld Jaco   Cuypers Ann  
Annals of botany - ISSN 0305-7364-116:4 (2015) p. 601-612
The Arabidopsis lectin EULS3 is involved in stomatal closure
Van Hove Jonas   De Jaeger Geert   De Winne Nancy   Guisez Yves   Van Damme Els J. M.  
Plant science: an international journal of experimental plant biology - ISSN 0168-9452-238 (2015) p. 312-322
The growth zone of maize leaves is an ideal model system for systems biology approaches to investigate the effects of drought stress on organ growth regulation
Avramova V.   Abd Elgawad Hamada   Guisez Yves   Asard Han   Beemster Gerrit  
Procedia Environmental Sciences-29 (2015) p. 258-258
Dynamic changes in plant secondary metabolites during UV acclimation in **Arabidopsis thaliana**
Hectors Kathleen   van Oevelen Sandra   Geuns Jan   Guisez Yves   Jansen Marcel   Prinsen Els  
Physiologia plantarum - ISSN 0031-9317-152:2 (2014) p. 219-230

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