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Student employment and family allowances

Your family allowance is not affected by how much you earn as a working student or by the employment agreement you are employed under.  Only the number of hours you work matters.

Consequences for your family allowance
As a student, the number of hours' work you are permitted to do is limited. If you work too many hours, whether under a student employment contract or under an ordinary contract, you can lose your family allowance.  This includes all paid hours (including public holidays).  The number of hours for which the student is paid is rigorously checked against the declarations made by the employer to the National Social Security Office. 

  • No limitations apply to the summer holiday period (July, August and September) between two academic years.


  • During the academic year and during your final summer holiday, however, you are only allowed to work a maximum of 240 hours. If you work more hours, you will lose your family allowance for the quarter in question.

Any questions about the consequences of student work for your family allowance? Then contact:

  • the fund which pays your family allowance (see the payment receipt or account statement)
  • the Federal Agency for Family Allowance (FAMIFED)
  • or check the FAMIFED or 'kindergeld' websites, or 'Centen voor studenten'