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Culture vouchers

Seven culture vouchers, ten euros, three steps

Are you easily moved by a theatre play, inspired by a gripping exhibition or do you prefer being swept off your feet by a contemporary dance performance?
Don’t let your budget hold you back. Thanks to Culture vouchers now you can get your cultural fix without losing an arm. For a mere 10 euros students can buy seven themed vouchers providing access to more than 40 culture centres and museums in Antwerp, or membership to the public library.

Some great news: from this year onwards, you can easily manage your vouchers on a digital platform, using a unique code to order your ticket. Super easy and super safe. From your couch to the theatre seat in three simple steps. This is how you do it:

  1. Create your own profile
  2. Buy your Culture vouchers through online payment. You’ll receive them in your mailbox or you can download them as a pdf.
  3. Pick your favourite culture centre and cash your voucher by phone, at the box office or by e-mail.

Handy, because

  • You don’t need to go to GATE15 or your campus anymore to buy your Culture vouchers.
  • No more wondering where oh where you left those darn vouchers.
  • You can check the available amount of your valid vouchers at a single glance.
  • You find out really easily what’s on show, getting a handy overview per genre.
  • Get useful tips on theatre plays, films or a ballet performance.
  • And all this from the comfort of your own laptop, tablet or smartphone!

For the full calendar with tips and all participating culture houses, go to

Culture vouchers