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Advanced master of Hospital Hygiene

Master of Hospital Hygiene
Academic year :

Model Path

Hospital infections

Hospital infections; antimicrobial products and antibiotics policy4sp2nd semester
Schuermans, A.
Hospital infection: infectiological aspects3sp2nd semester
Peetermans, W.
Hospital infections: epidemiological aspects5sp2nd semester
Lauwers, S.
Hospital infections: aspects of prevention and control8sp1st semester
Schuermans, A.

Legislation and quality assurance

Organisation of Healthcare and Legislation on Care Institutions3sp2nd semester
Decoster, Christiaan
Use of indicators in health care3sp2nd semester
Vleugels, A.
Quality assurance3sp2nd semester
Schots, J.


Social and Communicative Techniques, Healthcare Promotion and Education3sp1st semester

Scientific training

Methods of epidemiology and biostatistics5sp1st semester
Weyler, Joost
Information Systems3sp1st semester
Van de Velde, R.
Master's thesis15sp2nd semester
Schuermans, A.


Integrated clinical internship5sp2nd semester
Lauwers, S.