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Postgraduate of Globalisation and Legal Theory

A Collaborative Doctoral Programme in Contemporary Legal and Political Theory


This postgraduate is designed as a cutting-edge approach to first-year PhD training in a collaborative framework with three partner universities:

  • Universiteit Tilburg
  • University of Glasgow
  • University of Antwerp

Researchers from a wide-range of other European partner universities participate as lecturers and external exami­ners. This programme combines the advantages of close, personalized supervision with those of integration into bigger research units of excellence with an international community of interdisciplinary researchers. The first-year PhD training is a novel approach to PhD supervision: PhD candidates analyze legal problems and academic comment together with their supervisor and have the opportunity to engage renowned experts in the fields of their research. This rigorous training ensures they have the knowledge and tools to complete a PhD research project that is internatio­nally recognized as excellent.

Who for?

The postgraduate targets students and professionals interested in pursuing a PhD in the area of Globalisation and legal theory. This includes candidates with research interests in legal theory, legal and political philosophy and human rights law.
Candidates must have a Masters in Law with a grade average equivalent to a B+ in the Anglo-Saxon system. Candidates from the US with a juris doctor only are accepted. Candidates with a master degree whose first degree is not in law have to demonstrate that they have sufficient knowledge of law. All candidates must propose a research project that falls in the domain of globalisa­tion and international economic law. Candidates whose mother tongue is not English must provide evidence of their command of English through internationally standardised tests.