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Preparatory Programme Industrial Sciences: Construction
Academic year :

Model Path for Masters of Architecture

No additional exemptions are given in the preparatory programmes based on ECTS-credits obtained in the bachelor
and/or master of Architecture.
The complete programme has to be taken.
114 ECTS-credits for students with a BSc in Architecture
51 ECTS-credits for students with a MSc in Architecture

Compulsory courses for both students with a BSc and MSc in Architecture

51 ECTS-credits

2-Asphalt Technology and Building Materials3sp2nd semester
Van den bergh, Wim
2-Fluid Mechanics3sp2nd semester
Hereijgers, Jonas
3-Testing of Building Materials6sp1st semester
Van den bergh, Wim
3-Theory of Strength and Stability6sp1st semester
Audenaert, Amaryllis
4-Execution Techniques6sp2nd semester
Vuye, Cedric
5-Geotechnics6sp1st semester
Blom, Johan
5-Planning and Cost Calculation6sp1st semester
Vuye, Cedric
5-Strength of Materials and Stability3sp1st semester
Muehlich, Uwe
6-Reinforced Concrete6sp2nd semester
Craeye, Bart
6-Civil infrastructure Projects: Road Engineering6sp2nd semester
Van den bergh, Wim

Additional courses for students with a BSc in Architecture

54 ECTS-credits compulsory courses

1-Chemistry and Materials Science6sp1st semester
Beenaerts, Linda
1-Informatics6sp1st semester
Ceulemans, Marc
1-Mathematics6sp1st semester
Penne, Rudi
2-Concrete Technology3sp2nd semester
Craeye, Bart
2-Mathematics3sp2nd semester
Levrie, Paul
3-Statistics3sp1st semester
De Meulenaere, Paul
3-Thermodynamics3sp1st semester
Van de Paer, Jan
3-Topography and Topometry3sp1st semester
Brondeel, Marijke
3-Mathematics3sp1st semester
Levrie, Paul
5-Climate Control: HVAC-Concepts3sp1st semester
Van de Paer, Jan
5-Energy Performance of Buildings6sp1st semester
Verbeke, Stijn
5-Care Systems: Environment, Safety, Quality3sp1st semester
Van den bergh, Wim
6-Internship6sp2nd semester
Van Haerenborgh, Frieda

The student chooses one of the courses below:
9 ECTS-credits

6-Bachelor's Project Construction including Internship9sp2nd semester
Vuye, Cedric
6-Bachelor's Project Construction9sp2nd semester
Vuye, Cedric