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Master of Urbanism and Spatial Planning
Academic year :

Model Path Part 1

Compulsory Courses

60 ECTS-credits

Society and Space6sp2nd semester
Vanoutrive, Thomas
Ecosystem Management3sp1st semester
Meire, Patrick
Environmental policy3sp1st semester
Loots, Ilse
Space and Mobility6sp1st semester
Vanoutrive, Thomas
Planning Systems6sp2nd semester
Coppens, Tom
Planning and Design Theory6sp1st semester
Van Acker, Maarten
Case Studies9sp2nd semester
Goethals, Marleen
Design Studio1: Analysis6sp1st semester
Goethals, Marleen
Design Studio 2 : Vision9sp2nd semester
Van Acker, Maarten
Geographic Information System (GIS)3sp1st semester
Vanoutrive, Thomas
Spatial Research Methods3sp1st semester
Vanoutrive, Thomas

Model Path Part 2

Compulsory Courses

30 ECTS-credits

Legal Aspects and Implementation Instruments6sp1st semester
Vloebergh, Guy
Process and Project Management6sp1st semester
Coppens, Tom
Evaluation and Assessment Practice6sp2nd semester
Goethals, Marleen
Design Studio 3: Development and Implementation12sp1st semester
Coppens, Tom

Optional courses

6 ECTS-credits
The student chooses courses for a total of 6 ECTS-credits from the below mentioned list. It is also possible to choose from the master courses offered within the Universiteit Antwerpen. To request such an optional course, please use the form 'aanvraag keuzeopleidingsonderdeel van een UA-opleiding'.

International Design Week3sp2nd semester
Goethals, Marleen
Sustainability3sp2nd semester
Crabbé, Ann
Bots, Jessica
Studium Generale3sp1st semester
Weyns, Walter
Debating Development3sp1st semester
Van Hecken, Gert
Verrelst, Janus
Sustainable Development3sp1st semester
Erreygers, Guido

Master's Project

24 ECTS-credits - The student chooses one of the options below. The options 2028FOWSRP and 2029FOWSRP are reserved for students taking an internship as part of their Master's Project.

Master Thesis Design24sp2nd semester
Van Acker, Maarten
Master Thesis Research24sp2nd semester
Coppens, Tom
Master Thesis including Traineeship: Design24sp2nd semester
Van Acker, Maarten
Master Thesis including Traineeship: Research24sp2nd semester
Coppens, Tom