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Master of Gender and Diversity
Academic year :
Programme jointly offered by KU Leuven, Universiteit Gent, Universiteit Antwerpen, Universiteit Hasselt and Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Model Path

General courses

Compulsory stem (15 ECTS-credits)

Gender and intersectionality5sp1st semester
Longman, Chia
Overview of Feminist Thougt5sp1st semester
Coene, Gily
Diversity and Gender Theories Seminar5sp1st semester
Draulans, Veerle

Flexible stem (15 ECTS-credits to choose from the list below)

Gender, Diversity and Politics5sp1st semester
D'Agostino, Serena
Diversity, Equality and Inclusion in Organizations5sp2nd semester
Zanoni, Patrizia
Feminism and Diversity in Transnational Historical Perspective5sp1st semester
Carlier, Julie
Gender and Diversity: Science and Society5sp2nd semester
Draulans, Veerle
Gender and Diversity in the European Union and International Politics5sp2nd semester
van der Vleuten, Anna


5 tot 10 ECTS-credits to choose from the list below

Reflective Internship5sp1st/2nd sem.
Longman, Chia
Participatory Internship10sp1st/2nd sem.
Longman, Chia

Master's thesis

15 ECTS-credits

Master's Dissertation15sp1st/2nd sem.
Longman, Chia

Elective Courses

Choice of Courses

Subscribe to no more than 10 credit units from the following list.
Subscribe to no more than 10 credit units from the flexible root
Subscribe to no more than 10 credit units from the study programs offered by the five partner universities or from the 6 compulsory units from the French interuniversitary master 'Master de sp├ęcialisation en ├ętudes de genre'. (subject to approval by the faculty)

Advanced History of Literature in English5sp2nd semester
Bekers, Elisabeth
Modernity and Urbanity. Capita Selecta from Architectural Theory and Criticism5sp1st semester
Heynen, Hildegarde
Disability Studies5sp1st semester
Van Hove, Geert
Gender, Literature and Theory5sp1st semester
Gilleir, Anke
Youth Criminology5sp1st semester
Christiaens, Jenneke
Media and gender5sp2nd semester
Van Bauwel, Sofie
Postcolonial Literature in English5sp1st semester
Bekers, Elisabeth
Psychology, Culture and Society5sp2nd semester
Phalet, Karen
Law and gender5sp2nd semester
Brems, Eva
Sex, Sexual Experience, Reproduction and Law5sp2nd semester
Stevens, Liesbeth
Philosophy and Ethics of Sexuality5sp2nd semester
Coene, Gily
Sociology of Social Equality and Inequality6sp2nd semester
Glorieux, Ignace
Women Studies, Religion and Theology5sp2nd semester
Dillen, Annemie
Gender and development5sp2nd semester
Holvoet, Nathalie
Inequality and social exclusion (state-of-the-art)6sp1st semester
Cantillon, Bea
Oosterlynck, Stijn
Gender and globalisation5sp2nd semester
Carlier, Julie
Gender history5sp2nd semester
Vanden Broecke, Steven
Feminist Theologies5sp2nd semester
Dillen, Annemie
Dynamic and Complex Processes of Migration, Integration and Social Participation5sp2nd semester
Van Avermaet, Piet
Postcolonial Studies5sp2nd semester
Suliman-Jabary Salamanca, Omar
Islam and Gender5sp1st semester
Lechkar, Iman
History of the Body, Gender and Sexuality6sp1st semester
de Smaele, Henk
Constructing Age in Modern Literature6sp1st semester
Joosen, Vanessa
Women Writers in Modern British Literature6sp2nd semester