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Master of Linguistics and Literature: English-French
Academic year :
Important: Students following the Master of Linguistics and Literature cannot choose courses for languages they did not study for in the Bachelor.


The students choose courses for 36 ECTS-credits from two languages: select for each language 18 ECTS-credits and for each language at least one course on literature and one course on linguistics.

Master's thesis

Master project18sp1st/2nd sem.
Mortelmans, Tanja

English: linguistics and literature

Select courses for 18 ECTS-credits, of which at least one course on linguistics and one course on literature

Beckett seminar6sp1st semester
Van Hulle, Dirk
Beloborodova, Olga
Stevens Seminar6sp2nd semester
Eeckhout, Bart
The American historical novel after 19506sp1st semester
Herman, Luc
New York City in Twentieth-Century Literature6sp2nd semester
Eeckhout, Bart
Michiels, Laura
Women Writers in Modern British Literature6sp2nd semester
Verhulst, Pim
Constructing Age in Modern Literature6sp1st semester
Joosen, Vanessa
Joyce Seminar6sp2nd semester
NNB, -
Eeckhout, Bart
Children's Literature Summer School6sp1st semester
Joosen, Vanessa
Phonetics and phonology6sp2nd semester
Verhoeven, Jo
Curriculum and syllabus design6sp2nd semester
Van De Poel, Kris
Pragmatics6sp1st semester
Brisard, Frank
Language Variation and Change in Adults6sp2nd semester
Petré, Peter
English Sociolinguistics6sp2nd semester
De Wit, Astrid
Fieldwork in English Linguistics6sp1st semester
De Wit, Astrid
6sp2nd semester
Van Hulle, Dirk
Kestemont, Mike

French: linguistics and literature

Select courses for 18 ECTS-credits, of which at least one course on linguistics and one course on literature

Grammaticalisation processes6sp2nd semester
Vanderheyden, Ann
Current and fascinating issues in French linguistics6sp1st semester
De Mulder, Walter
Text and context6sp1st semester
Dendale, Patrick
Literature and media6sp2nd semester
Schuerewegen, Franc
French literature out of France (Middle East, Africa, Caribbean)6sp2nd semester
Gyssels, Kathleen
Contemporary trends in French literary criticism6sp1st semester
Schuerewegen, Franc

Electives / Free-choice

Students choose 6 ECTS-credits from the courses belonging to the Master¹s programme in Linguistics and Literature on the condition that these courses are related to their Bachelor¹s language combinations.

Courses that belong to a different master¹s programme than ³Linguistics and Literature", including master¹s programmes organised by another Faculty, will first have to be approved by the Education Board.

Internship6sp1st/2nd sem.
Rousseau, Valerie
6sp1st/2nd sem.
Rousseau, Valerie
Du bon usage de la chanson française (Alors on chante !)3sp1st semester
Schuerewegen, Franc
Goncourt3sp1st semester
Gyssels, Kathleen
Le pari pédagogique : Paris3sp2nd semester
Schuerewegen, Franc
Semantic evolution : from lexicon to grammar6sp2nd semester
De Mulder, Walter