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Module Law and International Business

The Law and International Business Module is aimed at students seeking to specialise and to prepare for international, business-oriented careers, which require a thorough understanding of legal and business concepts as well as intercultural skills. It allows students to gain in-depth knowledge about various practice areas, including competition law, international trade and investment law, employment and social law and intellectual property law.

The module combines more theoretical classes offering key conceptual and analytical tools from an interdisciplinary perspective (legal, business, politics) with more practice-oriented classes. This practice-oriented approach is further strengthened by the strong link with the Legal Clinics set up in close collaboration with external partners.

Faculty includes professors of the Faculty of Law from various research groups, which reflects the diversity of the knowledge needed for a career in businesss, and experienced practitioners for a number of guest lectures.

The courses in this module use a multilevel approach (national, European, international and the interface between these levels) and/or a comparative law approach.

Prof. Esther van Zimmeren