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Master of Linguistics
Academic year :
Master of Linguistics with profile Language in use

Master thesis

master Thesis15sp1st/2nd sem.
Kestemont, Mike

Compulsory course

Text as Data3sp1st semester
Van Hulle, Dirk
Dillen, Wout
Corpus Studies3sp1st semester
Petré, Peter
Humanities Data Analysis3sp1st semester
Kestemont, Mike
Hilte, Lisa
Machine Learning I3sp1st semester
Daelemans, Walter
Information Science3sp1st semester
Noordermeer, Trudi
Machine Learning II3sp1st semester
Daelemans, Walter
Natural Language Processing6sp2nd semester
Daelemans, Walter
Computational Literary Studies6sp2nd semester
Kestemont, Mike
Haverals, Wouter
bootcamp3sp1st semester
Daelemans, Walter
Kestemont, Mike
Burtenshaw, Benjamin

Free space

choose: internship or two courses from the remaining courses of the Master in Linguistics and Literature

Internship12sp2nd semester
Petré, Peter