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2013-14 Master's dissertation by Ornella Poponcini
industrial supervisor: Didier De Chaffoy of OTO Therapeutics

Winner of Best of PO! 2014 and User Experience award 2014

Monodo is a novel applicator for treating Otitis Externa, an inflammation of the skin in the outer ear canal, designed to replace ear drops. Monodo is a nebuliser that packs each dose of the medication into a disposable capsule. Three capsules are then packed together as a day strip. The output of Monodo is a mist that moves through the ear canal and adheres to the skin. Monodo increases higher therapy loyalty, improved user comfort, and precise and independent dosing while also preserving hygiene.

In spite of the existence of effective medication, treating otitis externa can take up to three months – rather long for a skin inflammation. In addition, patients often suffer from multiple episodes of otitis externa. The long treatment time and high number of episodes may be consequences of inefficient medication application.

The application consists of five steps. [1] The user tears a Monodo capsule from the Monodo day strip. [2] Next, the user removes the product seal. The sealing is not glued down at the bottom, so the user can easily tear it off the capsule. [3] The user then positions the capsule in the ear canal and [4] applies the medication by pushing on the bottom of the capsule. The user can see when the medication has been applied properly: the capsule is visibly compressed and, because the material is transparent, he or she can see that the fluid reservoir is empty. [5] Finally the user disposes of the capsule in the rubbish bin.

Every Monodo capsule contains two chambers: one chamber in which the medication is packaged and a second that contains air. There is a valve between the two chambers. When you press the air chamber, the air presses the liquid out of the capsule. The snap line at the bottom ensures that the capsule closes completely and that the dosage is not affected by how hard the user presses.