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Master of Laws: Tax Law
Academic year :

Model path part 1

Compulsory foundations and auxiliary sciences

Ethics3sp1st semester
Lemmens, Willem
Professional Responsibility6sp1st semester
Rutten, Stefan

Compulsory legal courses

Insolvency Law including Collateral Securities6sp1st semester
Vanmeenen, Melissa
Private International Law6sp1st semester
Kruger, Thalia

Skills I

Master's Project Internship Tax Law9sp1st/2nd sem.
Rozie, Joëlle
Master's Project Research Proposal Tax Law3sp1st/2nd sem.
Rozie, Joëlle

Advanced courses I

Advanced Course on Personal Income Tax6sp1st semester
Plets, Nicole
Advanced Course on Accounting Law6sp1st semester
Brosens, Linda
Advanced Course on Corporate Tax6sp2nd semester
Peeters, Bruno

Comparative studies I

Multilevel Governance and Taxation3sp2nd semester
Plets, Nicole

Special studies I

Registration and Succession Rights3sp2nd semester
Geelhand de Merxem, Nicolas
Fiscal Penal Law3sp2nd semester
Van de Vijver, Anne

Model path part 2

Compulsory foundations and auxiliary sciences

Students choose 1 course

Philosophy of Law3sp1st semester
Van Assche, Kristof
Psychology and Law3sp1st semester
Vanderhallen, Miet
Sociology of Law3sp1st semester
Van Aeken, Koen
History of Law3sp1st semester
Van Goethem, Herman
Economical Analysis of Law3sp1st semester
Kerkmeester, Hendrik
Public Economics and Public Finances6sp1st semester
Vanneste, Jacques

Skills II

Tax Strategy3sp2nd semester
Wustenberghs, Tim
Master's Project Thesis Tax Law18sp2nd semester
Rozie, Joëlle

Advanced courses II

Advanced Course on Taxation Procedures6sp1st semester
De Troyer, Ilse
Advanced Course on VAT6sp2nd semester
Vandenberghe, Luk
Advanced Course on European Tax Law6sp1st semester
Peeters, Bruno
Van de Vijver, Anne
Advanced Course on International Tax Law6sp2nd semester
Cauwenbergh, Patrick
Van de Vijver, Anne

Comparative studies II

Comparative Tax Law3sp1st semester
Van de Vijver, Anne

Special studies II

Taxation and Estate Planning3sp1st semester
Plets, Nicole
Tax Aspects of Corporate Restructuring3sp2nd semester
Brosens, Linda
Customs and Duties3sp1st semester
Van Dooren, Eric