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Preparatory Programme on Theatre and Film Studies
Academic year :
Students who hold an academic degree of Bachelor of Linguistics and Literature, but did not choose the graduating option of one language + TFL must obtain 21 ECTS-credits of this preparatory programme.
The courses they must follow are:
- History of the Theatre (6 ECTS-credits)
- Dramaturgy: Fundamentals (6 ECTS-credits)
- History of Film 1 + 2 (total: 9 ECTS-credits)

Model Path

Discipline-specific courses

Compulsory courses

Film and genre3sp2nd semester
Paulus, Tom
Willems, Gertjan
Dramaturgy: foundations6sp1st semester
Vanhoutte, Kurt
History of the film 1: early cinema3sp1st semester
Paulus, Tom
History of the film 2: classic and modern period6sp2nd semester
Jacobs, Steven
History of the theatre6sp1st semester
Meeus, Hubert
Text and representation6sp2nd semester
Willems, Gertjan
Film analyses6sp2nd semester
Paulus, Tom
Performance analysis6sp1st semester
Cassiers, Edith
Culture of Modernity6sp1st semester
Vanhoutte, Kurt
Paulus, Tom
De Laet, Timmy

Select one course out of the following:

Internship6sp1st/2nd sem.
NNB, -
Self-study6sp1st/2nd sem.
Vanhoutte, Kurt