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Master of Translation: French-Portuguese
Academic year :
The standard full-time programme consists of 60 ECTS-credits (1 year).

IMPORTANT: Students in the master programme cannot follow courses in other languages than those studied in the bachelor.

Model Path

General discipline-related courses

Compulsory courses

Translation Studies3sp1st semester
Hanoulle, Sabien
Lievois, Katrien
Vercauteren, Gert
Translator's Toolbox6sp1st semester
Reviers, Nina
Hanoulle, Sabien
Robert, Isabelle
Vercauteren, Gert
Internship and Entrepreneurship6sp2nd semester
Hanoulle, Sabien

French: compulsory courses

French: Translation and Revision3sp2nd semester
Robert, Isabelle
French: Specialised Translation: Technical Translation3sp2nd semester
De Boe, Esther
French: Specialised Translation: Literary Translation3sp1st semester
Mus, Francis
French: Area Studies3sp1st semester
Lievois, Katrien

Portuguese: compulsory courses

Portuguese: Translation and Revision3sp2nd semester
Lecluyse, Ann
Portuguese: Specialised Translation: Subtitling3sp1st semester
Vercauteren, Gert
Portuguese: Specialised Translation: Technical Translation3sp2nd semester
Vercauteren, Gert
Portuguese: Area Studies3sp1st semester
Vercauteren, Gert

Free-choice electives

Each student has to select electives counting for 6 ECTS-credits.

Media Accessibility6sp2nd semester
Reviers, Nina
Vercauteren, Gert
German: Society and German Film3sp1st semester
Linden, Patricia
Highlights from English and American Art: Music, Poetry, Visual Arts & Architecture3sp1st semester
Albers, Frank
French: Culture of the Francophone World3sp1st semester
Lievois, Katrien
Chinese: Globalisation, Interculturalism and Consumer Culture in East Asia3sp1st semester
Pang, Ching Lin
Italian: History of the Italian Movie and Music3sp1st semester
Gennaro, Rosario
Portuguese: Portuguese Literature: Brasil and Lusophone Africa3sp1st semester
Vercauteren, Gert
Latin America and Spain in the 21st Century: Human Rights and Historical Memory3sp1st semester
Stallaert, Christiane
Chinese: Internship in China6spOnly exam is offered
Pang, Ching Lin
Chinese: Language Proficiency in China6spOnly exam is offered
Ng, Ping
Video Game Localisation6sp2nd semester
NNB, -

Master thesis

Master's Thesis15sp1st/2nd sem.
Ureel, Jimmy