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Master of Technology for Integrated Water Management
Academic year :


Mandatory Courses (6 ECTS-Credits)

Global water problems and integrated water management3sp1st semester
Van Damme, Stefan
Integrated assessment of water and sediment quality3sp1st semester
Teuchies, Johannes


Electives (21 ECTS-Credits)

Nature-based solutions3sp1st semester
Ysebaert, Tom
River morphology & hydrodynamics3sp1st semester
Temmerman, Stijn
Sediment management & treatment3sp1st semester
de Deckere, Eric
Advanced Water treatment technology6sp1st semester
Diels, Ludo
Vlaeminck, Siegfried
Water and shipping6sp1st semester
De Baere, Kris


Mandatory (9 ECTS-Credits)

Integrated modelling and design of basin management plans3sp1st semester
Seuntjens, Piet Dfe
Integrated Water Management: advanced case River 216sp2nd semester
Van Damme, Stefan


Dissertation including internship24sp2nd semester
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