Language at the University of Antwerp

The language of instruction in Flanders is Dutch. Hence the university offers courses in Dutch but all faculties also offer courses in English.

For courses taught in Dutch professors often allow international students to take their examination in English.

Language Requirements

The University of Antwerp attaches great importance to the language skills of all students. Students whose first language is not English should therefore be able to provide evidence that their spoken and written command of the English language is adequate for the programmes they have applied for. This requirement is specified in order to ensure that the academic progress of students is not hindered by language difficulties and that students are able to communicate with their teachers and administrative staff. You should upload the results of one of the following language tests during your application: 

If it appears, upon arrival, that the English language level of the student does not correspond to this official declaration, the stay in Antwerp may be reconsidered.


Only two categories of students do not need to prove their English language skills:

  1. Students only attending courses in Dutch and who at the same time have a good command of the Dutch language. One (or more) of the following statements should apply to these students:
    • mother tongue is Dutch
    • be a student in Dutch studies (or studied this before)
    • studied in Flanders or the Netherlands before
    • come to the University of Antwerp within the framework of Erasmus Belgica
  2. Students with a good command of the English language. One (or more) of the following statements should apply to these students:
    • mother tongue is English
    • have studied in an English speaking country before
    • you are currently enrolled in a study programme that is taught in English.