Travelling to Antwerp

​Antwerp is located in the centre of Belgium and is easily accessible by plane, train, car and bus

To make it easier for you to travel to Antwerp we created a short film to give you an overview of all options to get to Antwerp. It also offers an overview of all the options to get around the city once you have arrived. You can also check out our website with all info on getting around in Antwerp.

Also keep in mind that due to the current COVID19-pandemic travel restrictions are in place

Orientation Days

At the beginning of each semester, all exchange students are welcomed during the Orientation Days. All you need to know about the university, living and studying in Antwerp will be explained to you. 


  • First semester: 22 & 23 September 2022
  • Second semester: 9 & 10 February 2023

Registration at the university

Your registration as a student of the University of Antwerp will be done automatically once you have been accepted as an exchange student in Mobility Online. This registration usually takes place 2-3 weeks before your arrival. The week before the start of Orientation Days you will receive your registration details by email.

You will be able to pick up your student card at our office after the orientation days and by appointment only. In the meantime you can find a digital student card in your SisA account in case you already need it. 

We recommend checking your file in SisA as soon as you have access to it to see if your picture has been accepted by the student administration. If your photo page does not display your picture, it did not meet the requirements set out by the student administration and your student card was unable to get printed. In this case, please upload a new picture, you can find the requirements in the newsletters as well as the Mobility Online manual. Due to cybersecurity, you can only access these digital platforms on campus or through the use of a remote connection. For more information, you can visit the library website.

You will need this account to use the following services:

  • SisA selfservice module: This is the online student administration system. You can use it to:
    • Check and change your personal details
    • Check your study programme
    • Enrol on your programme components and check your course schedule
  • Webmail: You will receive a UAntwerp email address. You can check your email at or through Blackboard. All communication with students is sent to the UAntwerp email address so make sure you check your UA inbox regularly!
  • Blackboard: This is your electronic learning environment. All the courses you have enrolled in are listed in Blackboard. Lecturers can upload information about their course, the PowerPoint presentation used during lectures, and so on.
  • The computers in the computer rooms.
  • The libraries and the study areas.

Can't access your student account or forgotten your password? Then contact the registrar's office through their helpdesk.  Your password will then be reset and the new student account details will be sent to your postal address (never by email) or you can pick it up from the registrar's office (you'll need to show your ID or student card).

Contact the ICT helpdesk if you have any other problems logging in to Blackboard, Webmail and so on. 

Important: your student account is only active during the academic year in which you have an enrolment.

Please take note: all access to the above applications is temporarily restricted. They can only be reached from the campus WIFI network or via VPN. You can find more info on the website of our library on how to set up a VPN connection when trying to access the central applications from abroad.