The University of Antwerp provides opportunities for international Master or PhD students to conduct part of their research at the University of Antwerp, while completing their studies at their home university. This option is only available for students who can't attend UAntwerp as part of the Erasmus programme or a bilateral agreement.

As soon as you have confirmation of a research opportunity within the university, you can be registered as a Visiting Research Student.

​What is a Visiting Research Student?

A Visiting Research Student (VRS) is a PhD researcher (or Master student) at his/her home institution who wants to conduct research in the framework of a study or PhD programme at UAntwerp through a temporary stay (minimum one month). The collaboration between UAntwerp and the home institution is formalised by an individual VRS Agreement. The stay is a maximum of one academic year and may be renewed for an additional academic year.

​Do you meet the requirements to register as a Visiting Research Student?

You must meet ALL the following criteria:

  1. You've found a mentor at UAntwerp who is willing to host you here to conduct research;
  2. You are a Master or PhD student at an institution in your home country. You can provide proof of enrolment as a (master/PhD) student at this institution;
  3. You do not need any credits or proof of studies for your home institution in order to have your stay at UAntwerp recognised; 
  4. There are no other possibilities to come to Antwerp, either as part of an Erasmus programme or bilateral agreement, as a trainee or in the framework of a double PhD
  5. You confirm that you have sufficient personal funds to cover your stay in Belgium.

​How can you register as a Visiting Research Student?

Step 1: Find a mentor at UAntwerp who conducts research in your area of interest

  • Request permission from your supervisors at your home institution;
  • Check whether you meet the requirements for registration as a VRS;
  • Search for a mentor at the University of Antwerp. Contact information per faculty and research group is available here:

Step 2: Present your project idea to the mentor and discuss its implementation

Once an agreement is reached, the mentor begins the procedure within the faculty to approve the research project and your stay as a VRS.