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Studying as an elite athlete or artist

Students who are also elite athletes or artists can request special facilities during their studies and/or exams.  This includes reasonable adjustments which aim to make allowances for any complications that arise as a consequence of practising your sport or art.


Students who are elite athletes or artists may request that changes be made to their study programmes and/or exam timetables if they clash with their sport or art commitments, subject to the agreement of all parties involved at the University of Antwerp. This does not mean, however, that pass/fail guidelines, educational outcomes or key competences to be obtained by the end of the course can be adapted to allow these student to complete the programme successfully.

Who for?

We define elite athletes and artists as:

  • students who practise their sport at a high level in a sports club or association. The University of Antwerp's Sport Commission decides whether a student is eligible for this status.
  • students who practise art or engage in cultural activities at a high level. The University of Antwerp's Culture Commission decides whether a student is eligible for this status.


You can apply for elite sport or artist status by filling out the application form on this website. If you wish to receive special facilities during the first semester, you should ideally submit your application by 1 September and by 7 October 2016 at the latest. If you wish to apply for this facilities during the second semester, you will need to submit your application by 24February 2017 at the latest.

Applications will only be accepted after these dates in exceptional circumstances. Failure to submit your application on time will mean you are not be entitled to special facilities during the semester in question.

After filling out and submitting your application, make an appointment with the contact person whose name is included in the automatic reply you receive.

Care coordinators

Elite athletes or artists can contact Daniel Boeykens or Eva Goethals at the STIP.


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