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Postgraduate programmes are programmes worth at least 20 study credits which build upon a Bachelor or a Master programme. They are aimed at widening or deepening existing competences acquired during your Bachelor or Master programme. At the University of Antwerp, thirteen different bodies - including faculties, institutes and centres - have a total of 27 postgraduate programmes on offer.

Why do a postgraduate at the University of Antwerp?

Doing a postgraduate at the University of Antwerp can give your CV added value on the labour market.  A postgraduate focuses largely on professional skills, so the knowledge you acquire can immediately be used in your working environment and will also help you extend your network.

The programmes are designed as short-term initiatives. It isn't always easy to strike a healthy balance between your private life (work, social life, family, etc.) and studies, so a postgraduate programme may be a good solution for you.  

Upon completing your postgraduate programme, you receive a postgraduate certificate. This is not the same as a degree but it is recognised and signed by the Rector of our university.

Choosing to do a postgraduate is not the same as doing a Bachelor, Master or continuing education programme. Some continuing education programmes may also lead to a certificate but that is not the case for every programme and the continuing education programmes are shorter courses of less than 20 study credits.