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Examination and Grading system


Students are normally allowed to take an examination for a course twice a year. First session examinations are held at the end of each term. Students are automatically registered for the semester examinations. Second session examinations (i.e. resits) take place at the end of August and at the beginning of September. Students who wish to take resits have to register at the appropriate departmental secretary’s office.

Flanders has a tradition of oral examinations, often with written preparation. In some departments traditional exams are supplemented by continuous assessment of students’ participation in class or by essays or presentations. The assessment method of each subject is described in the course catalogue.

International students may be offered different methods of evaluation i.e. assessment based on written work (an essay), continuous assessment or examinations in a foreign language (French, English, or German). However, you should consult with each individual lecturer at the beginning of the semester.

Grading system

The Flemish academic grading system is based on a mark between 1 and 20. A mark of 10 or more represents a “pass”, in which case credits are granted. Less than 10 means “fail”.

  •   ≥ 17:     Greatest distinction (Maxima cum laude)
  • 15-16:    Great distinction (Magna cum laude)
  • 13-14:    Distinction (Cum laude)
  • 10-12:    Satisfaction (Pass with credit)
  •   < 10:     Fail

Grading table

As outlined in the ECTS user guide the University of Antwerp publishes the grade distribution tables per faculty and for the university as a whole, this in order to ensure transparent and coherent info on the performance of individual students. The grade distribution tables are based on all passing grades of 2 academic years.

Our grading tables are also made available through the Egracons tool, to simplify the grade conversion process. 

Grading table of the university 

Grades used (from lowest to highest passing grade) Number of passing grades awarded Percentage of each grade with respect to the total passing grades awarded Cumulative percentage of passing grades awarded
10 19935 10.87% 100%
11 20580 11.22% 83.13%
12 24971 13.61% 77.91%
13 27303 14.88% 64.30%
14 28542 15.56% 49.42%
15 24556 13.39% 33.86%
16 18262 9.96% 20.47%
17 11105 6.05% 10.52%
18 5724 3.12% 4.46%
19 1999 1.09% 1.34%
20 465 0.25% 0.25%
Total 183442 100%