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Housing for degree students

Since most landlords prefer to rent for a period of ten or twelve months you should have no problem finding student accommodation in Antwerp.

Note that all international students in Belgium need to be officially registered at their local residential address for resident permit purposes. Please ensure that your landlord is aware of this. German, French and Dutch nationals are exempted from this regulation. Usually Belgian students are still officially registered at their parental address, even when they rent a room close to the university during the week. 


We advise you to use to find suitable accommodation. Kotweb offers the largest database of student accommodation in Antwerp. Owners can advertise their property free of charge on the site and manage their data themselves. Students can search the entire database quickly and free of charge. In attachment you may find a manual how to search on Kotweb. You can also check the movie from CTC Marketing! We advise you to search for a student accommodation with a green quality label and a model lease.

We advise you to search for a student accommodation with a green quality label and a model lease.

  • Green quality label: As a student, you cannot just rent any flat, bedsit, room or house. Accommodation for students must comply with certain statutory regulations in terms of quality, fire protection and urban development. The city of Antwerp inspects all student accommodation in Antwerp. Based on this inspection, the city services assigns a quality label to each student property. If you search on any other website, you won’t be able to see the result of the safety inspection, the quality label, and won’t know whether the student accommodation has been approved by the city of Antwerp.
  • Model lease: Letting contracts for student rooms are different from traditional letting contracts. If the landlord uses the model lease, you can be sure it is a contract with a good legal basis and corresponds to this rental law. The model lease is provided in Dutch and in English and can be checked online.  

Remark: If you are reluctant to book a room in advance, you are advised to book a room in a youth hostel or a budget/student hotel for the first nights of your stay. Meanwhile you can visit available student accommodations. 




Study programmes and locations

Study programmes and locations

Please note that a bad connection from your student room to your campus is not a reason to end your contract with your landlord! So always check the distance to the campus. 

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International Student Housing Officers

Sanne Joostens
Kristel Van Hilst, Goele Descamps