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'I deeply value the academic background I gained through my Master's year'

  Burcu Yapar


  Master of Business Economics

Studying at University of Antwerp is one of the most outright things I have done in my life. It was a great experience to study in a well reputable school with many different nationalities and I deeply value the academic background I gained through my Master’s year.

My study was majored in Finance but also included minor studies in Accounting and International Business. It was a well-established and comprehensive programme and throughout the year I had the opportunity to study in different fields either individually or in group studies. There were many nationalities in my class and it was an added value to my experience. Almost each course required a group study per semester and it was interesting to study with different people coming from different backgrounds and cultures.

Studying at UAntwerp required much effort and dedication, since the pogramme was really demanding. Every week, we were expected to deliver study papers, or group projects etc. however it was a good learning school to learn time management and meet with deadlines.

Another good thing about this programme is the lecturers. They are all recognized academics in their field of expertise and very friendly. In UAntwerp’s culture, students’ participation in classes is very much appreciated and this really encourages students to express their opinion. There are also guest lecturers adding professional insights to the academic content.

I will always appreciate the year that I spent at UAntwerp. It was a challenging year and sometimes I had to push my limits but it was preparing me for professional life. Now I harvest the fruits which were seeded during my master studies.

After returning to my homeland Turkey, I started working for BNP Paribas’ Joint Venture, Turkish Economy Bank as an Associate at the Financial Institutions Department. Now I am working for Deutsche Bank, Financial Institutions Cash Management Department as Assistant Vice President. I believe my academic background, and broader perspective helps me to achieve in my professional life.