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Finding an internship position, discussing the content of the training and obtaining approval from the training supervisor requires a good preparation. A specific training agreement should be made for each internship. So you should start up the procedure as early as possible. You can contact the international coordinator of your faculty for more information.

After you have found a internship position and an agreement on the content of your internship has been reached, you should formalize your application through Mobility Online. Mobility Online manages the entire workflow from the start of your application to your return from abroad in a personal workflow. A manual is available.

  • Students of the University of Antwerp can find more information on how to register and start the application process on Blackboard -> een internationale ervaring -> stage.
  • Other students should send an email to the International Relations office and they will receive a weblink.

The applications for a VLIR-UOS internship follow a different procedure. 

International Relations Office

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