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There are several scholarship programmes:

  • Erasmus scholarships are available for a study period in Europe;
  • Erasmus Belgica scholarships are available for a study period within Belgium (Wallonia and Brussels);
  • For destinations outside Europe, there is a travel grant from the University of Antwerp; other scholarships are available for selected destinations: Priority Country Programme, ASEM DUO, a generic scholarship or a scholarship from The Washington Center.
  • For a, development relevant, study period you can request a VLIR-UOS travel grant.

The application for an Erasmus scholarship is done via your workflow in Mobility Online. The application documents for all other scholarships will be sent to you by email as soon as your faculty has allocated a destination to you.

You can only apply for a scholarship if you are registered in Mobility Online. The only exception to this is the VLIR-UOS travel grant, they have a different application prcedure.


In Europe


Outside Europe

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