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Advanced master of Maritime Sciences (Discontinued)

Master of Maritime Sciences
Academic year :

Model Path

Compulsory courses

30 ECTS-credits

Logistics and forwarding3sp2nd semester
Gevaers, Roel
De Langhe, Katrien
Maritime law3sp1st semester
NNB, -
Maritime and transport insurance law3sp1st semester
Bernauw, Kristiaan
Transportation policy3sp1st semester
Peeters, Chris
Transport Law3sp1st semester
Verheyen, Wouter

Optional courses

15 ECTS-credits to choose from the list below, of which at least one seminar.

Hinterland transportation3sp2nd semester
van Hassel, Edwin
Port strategies (seminar)3sp2nd semester
Blomme, Jan
Maritime technology (seminar)3sp2nd semester
van Hassel, Edwin
Transport policy (seminar)3sp2nd semester
Peeters, Chris
Land-based transport (seminar)3sp2nd semester
Peeters, Chris
Real estate and location3sp2nd semester
Verhetsel, Ann

Master's Thesis

Compulsory: 15 ECTS-credits

Master's Thesis15sp2nd semester
Martens, Rudy
De Langhe, Katrien