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Bachelor of Architecture
Academic year :

Model Path Part 1

Compulsory Courses

60 ECTS-credits

Architecture History and the Culture of Building since 17506sp1st semester
Bertels, Inge
Mathematics for Designers3sp1st semester
Verwulgen, Stijn
Initiation in Design12sp1st semester
Barbier, Hans
Structural Analysis3sp2nd semester
Belmans, Bert
The Architecture of Dwelling3sp2nd semester
De Vos, Els
Study Trip 13sp2nd semester
Barbier, Hans
Initiation in Design II12sp2nd semester
Barbier, Hans
Statics3sp1st semester
Passchyn, Renaat
Strength of Materials3sp2nd semester
Passchyn, Renaat
Initiation Materials3sp1st semester
Belmans, Bert
Initiation Building Physics3sp1st semester
Belmans, Bert
Construction 13sp2nd semester
Van de vreken, Koen
Materials3sp2nd semester
Belmans, Bert

Model Path Part 2

Model Path Part 3

Compulsory Courses

57 ECTS-credits

Architecture and Construction: Assemblies3sp1st semester
Van Rompaey, Johan
Architecture and Construction: Building Systems3sp1st semester
Rinke, Mario
Architecture and Construction: Casus6sp1st semester
Mys, Christiaan
Architecture and Construction: Design9sp1st semester
Mys, Christiaan
Architecture Theory6sp1st semester
Schrijver, Lara
Writing on Architecture6sp2nd semester
Vallet, Nathalie
Study Trip 33sp2nd semester
Barbier, Hans
Architectural Design 1:19sp2nd semester
Van Rompaey, Johan
Graduation Design Studio12sp2nd semester
Verbruggen, Sven

Elective Courses 'Active Pluralism and Interculturality'

3 ECTS-credits
The student chooses one course from the list below.

World View: Religion, Atheism and Science3sp1st semester
Loobuyck, Patrick
World View: Religion, Atheism and Meaning3sp2nd semester
Van Herck, Walter
World View: Religion, Atheism and Culture3sp1st semester
Loobuyck, Patrick
World View: Religion, Atheism and Society3sp2nd semester
Loobuyck, Patrick
City and Diversity3sp2nd semester
De Munck, Bert
Oosterlynck, Stijn
Media and Digital Society3sp1st semester
Hellinckx, Peter
Poels, Karolien
Migration, Integration and Diversity3sp2nd semester
De Feyter, Koen
Absillis, Kevin
Van Praag, Lore
Freedom, Citizenship and Democracy3sp1st semester
Van Eekert, Geert
Loobuyck, Patrick
Global justice3sp2nd semester
Ferrando, Tomaso