Connect to the business world

in the Master in Business Economics

During your Master's programme, you will connect with the business world in various ways. Guest speakers, company visits and real-life cases help you discover what doing business in real companies is all about.

Business Game

In the lessons of 'Ethical and Sustainable Business', you learn about techniques and tools to You will make the strategy of companies and organisations more sustainable. During a business game in collaboration with EY, you are confronted with real-life cases of companies. On the basis of their accumulated knowledge of the courses, you formulate recommendations in order to realise a sustainable business model.

You work on this in a group and on the day of the presentation your team will also receive professional support from an EY consultant. Finally, you pitch your case for the other students and consultants in the EY innovation center ‘Wavespace’.

International Consulting Project

In this course, you work on a real-life organisational issue or challenge related to the broad field of management. Together with your team members, you need to identify and analyse a business problem and develop sound, realistic recommendations based on data driven analysis. Finally you need to present your main ideas and recommendations to a jury consisting of business experts and academics. Previous years our students covered the brewery and pharmaceutical industry.

Leadership Track

As part of the International Consulting Project, you will also follow a Leadership Track. The Leadership Development Track aims to prepare students to take on a leadership role in a dynamic multicultural context, starting during the master programme. The track offers several workshops, with a focus on: 

  • intercultural awareness: recognizing and developing intercultural competences that foster cooperation in multicultural teams. 
  • leadership styles: to determine which kind of leader you are and how you can translate your strengths in a team 
  • - structured problem solving: learning to analyse and solve a consulting case in a structured and effective way.

Guest lecturers with business experience

In many courses, business people provide a guest lecture. They will come up with a case of their company. Some examples:

  • Dr. Markus Broich, Vice president Political Affairs Airbus SE, on 'Selling your business interest in a political environment', in the course 'Strategy, Structure and Management of the Multinational Enterprise'
  • Sofie De Cnudde, Machine Learning Scientist at (London), in the course 'Case Studies and Trends in Data Sience'
  • Vinayak Javaly, Data scientist at Lenddo EFL (New York),  in the course 'Data Engineering'
  • Peter Claes, Director Media and Production of VRT (Flemish Broadcasting Organisation), on 'Challenges in Social Profit Marketing', in the course 'Current Topics in Marketing'
  • Tony Van Gestel, Director Risk Models, Quantification and Defaults at Dexia (Belgium), and CEO Dexia Netherlands, in the course 'Case Studies and Trends in Data Sience'
  • and many more!

Also some of your course leaders play an important role in different companies:

  • Prof. dr. Hans Verboven ('Ethical and Sustainable Business') is the founder and CEO of Sustacon.
  • Erwin Knuyt ('Business-to-Business marketing') is Managing Director at The Skein Company.
  • Kurt Verstegen ('Banking') is Product Development Manager at KBC Asset Management.
  • dr. Dieter Devlaminck ('Data Engineering') is Chief Technology Officer at UAntwerp spinoff Predicube.
  • Prof. dr. Peter Verhezen ('Strategic Manamement') worked as senior advisor corporate governance for the Worldbank group in Asia-Pacific. He is owner of Verhezen & Associates, a consulting firm focusing on governance, risk management and international strategies.

Company visits

During some courses you visit Belgian companies. For example:

  • The headquarters of AXA Belgium
  • EY wavespace™ Antwerp
  • The backstage of the Nespresso Boutique Antwerp

Company visit to the Nespresso Boutique

Our students Business Economics (major/minor marketing) discovered the experiental marketing of Nespresso.

Data Science Challenge

If you follow the 'Data mining'-courses, a data science challenge will be organised for you and your fellow students. You have to use a real-life dataset to predict, for example, the duration of the reimbursement of an insurance claim. Afterwards, you will receive an invitation for the award ceremony in Brussels.