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Preparatory programme Applied Economics: Business Economics
Academic year :
The preparatory programme Applied Economics: Business Economics for academic year 2020-2021 consists of 81 ECTS-credits, that you take up over a period of two academic years.

81 ECTS-credits

To be taken in year 1

63 ECTS-credits

Corporate taxation3sp1st semester
Van de Vijver, Anne
Descriptive statistics and probability theory3sp1st semester
Van der Veeken, Stephan
Digital organisation6sp1st semester
De Haes, Steven
Huygh, Tim
Financial reporting and analysis6sp2nd semester
d'Haens, Patrick
Introduction to economics6sp1st semester
Bouckaert, Jan
Introduction to financial markets 13sp2nd semester
De Ceuster, Marc
Introduction to financial reporting3sp1st semester
d'Haens, Patrick
Management and organisation6sp2nd semester
Asselbergh, Margareta
Research methodology3sp2nd semester
Cambré, Bart
Operations management3sp1st semester
Cornelissens, Trijntje
Principles of financial management3sp2nd semester
Deloof, Marc
Principles of international business3sp1st semester
Albers, Sascha
Principles of marketing3sp1st semester
Dens, Nathalie
Corporation law3sp1st semester
Vanhees, Hendrik
Inferential statistics3sp2nd semester
Goos, Peter
Mathematical methods and techniques6sp1st/2nd sem.
Ruts, Ida

To be taken in year 2

18 ECTS-credits of which 6 ECTS-credits for the Bachelor Project to choose from different domains

Quantitative methods of management6sp1st semester
Arnouts, Heidi
Logistics and transport3sp1st semester
Vanelslander, Thierry
De Langhe, Katrien
Management accounting and control3sp1st semester
Walraevens, Guy
Bachelor project Business economics - Accountancy6sp1st/2nd sem.
Hardies, Kris
Bachelor project Business economics - Management information systems6sp1st/2nd sem.
Verelst, Jan
Mannaert, Herwig
Bachelor project Business economics - European international entrepreneurship6sp1st/2nd sem.
Vanderstraeten, Johanna
Bachelor project Business economics - Finance6sp1st/2nd sem.
Damen, Sven
Bachelor project Business economics - Marketing6sp1st/2nd sem.
Lievens, Annouk
Bachelor project Business economics - Strategy and organisation6sp1st/2nd sem.
Martens, Rudy
Bachelor project Business economics - Transport economy and logistics6sp1st/2nd sem.
Peeters, Chris
Hintjens, Joost