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Preparatory Programme Industrial Sciences: Chemistry
Academic year :

Programme for academic BSc in Chemistry

No additional exemptions are given in the preparatory programme based on ECTS-credits obtained in the academic
bachelor of chemistry. The complete programme has to be taken.

51 ECTS-credits

1-Electricity3sp1st semester
De Meulenaere, Paul
2-Fluid Mechanics3sp2nd semester
Hereijgers, Jonas
2-Industrial Chemistry3sp2nd semester
Pauwels, Elsje
3-Business Economics3sp1st semester
Verhezen, Peter
3-Mass and Energy Balances6sp1st semester
Daems, Nick
3-Thermodynamics3sp1st semester
Van de Paer, Jan
4-Materials Science3sp2nd semester
Smet, Jean-Pierre
5-Pumps, Compressors and Refrigerators3sp1st semester
Pauwels, Elsje
5-Polymers3sp1st semester
Beenaerts, Linda
5-Heat and Mass Transfer6sp1st semester
Breugelmans, Tom
6-Chemical Process Control3sp2nd semester
Hereijgers, Jonas
6-Design of Experiments and international Study Trip3sp2nd semester
Cornet, Iris
6-Petrochemistry3sp2nd semester
Pauwels, Elsje
6-Separation Technology: Theory and Simulation6sp2nd semester
Verhulst, Kristof