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Master of Civil Engineering Technology
Academic year :

Model Path

You take the compulsory courses and the Master's Project.
Additonally, you choose one of the optional packages.

Compulsory Courses

33 ECTS-credits

I-Concrete Construction Engineering6sp1st semester
Craeye, Bart
I-Bridges and Tunnel Construction3sp1st semester
Blom, Johan
I-Design of Steel and Wood Structures6sp1st semester
Omranian, Seyed Reza
I-Geotechnical Stability3sp1st semester
Blom, Johan
I-Hydraulic Engineering3sp1st semester
Plancke, Yves
II-Construction Law and Management3sp2nd semester
Wernaers, Stephanie
II-Sewerage and Municipal Wastewater Treatment3sp2nd semester
Gerards, Ron
II-Stability6sp2nd semester
Blom, Johan

Master's Project

You choose one of the courses below.

21 ECTS-credits

II-Master's project Construction including Internship21sp1st/2nd sem.
Audenaert, Amaryllis
II-Master's Project Construction including Internship21sp1st/2nd sem.
Vuye, Cedric

Optional package 1

You choose two courses out of this list.
6 ECTS-credits

I-Acoustics3sp1st semester
Vuye, Cedric
I-Sustainable Construction3sp1st semester
Buyle, Matthias
I-Road Construction Engineering: Dimensioning and Materials3sp1st semester
Van den bergh, Wim

Optional package 2

You take both courses.
2001FTICOM: only for outgoing exchange students
6 ECTS-credits

I-The Company3sp1st semester
Denil, Joachim
II-The Company3sp2nd semester
Denil, Joachim
II-The Company for Outgoing Exchange Students3sp2nd semester
Denil, Joachim