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Preparatory Programme Industrial Sciences: Electromechanics
Academic year :

Programme for Masters of Nautical Sciences

No additional exemptions are given in the preparatory programme based on ECTS-credits obtained in the master of
Nautical Sciences.
The entire programme below must be completed.

51 ECTS-credits

2-CAD, 3D Design3sp2nd semester
Lenssen, Eric
3-Automation:PLC's3sp1st semester
Vanhoeylandt, Walter
3-CAD 2D, Standardization3sp1st semester
Lenssen, Eric
3-Theory of Material Strength6sp1st semester
Steenackers, Gunther
3-Thermodynamics3sp1st semester
Van de Paer, Jan
4-Applied Fluid Mechanics3sp2nd semester
NNB, -
5-Automation: PLC's and Robotics6sp1st semester
Smet, Erwin
5-Electrotechnical Systems: Generators and Drives6sp1st semester
Cools, Patrik
5-Strength of Advanced Materials6sp1st semester
Steenackers, Gunther
6-CAD 3D Simulations3sp2nd semester
Lenssen, Eric
6-Electrotechnical systems: Installations3sp2nd semester
De Winter, Augustinus
6-Climate Control: HVAC-calculations6sp2nd semester
NNB, -