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Master of Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy: Internal Conditions

Your programme

While the Bachelor’s programme focuses on the roles of the clinician, the scientist and the professional, the Master’s programme goes more into detail and concentrates on integration, internationalisation, practice and scientific research.

The Master of Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy is specifically designed for students who are motivated to pursue advanced studies in the domain of rehabilitation and physiotherapy. The programme focusses on the scientific perspective and evidence-based practice in physiotherapy and comprises a balance between theoretical training and clinical practice (internships, seminars, Master’s thesis).

Are you interested in the rehabilitation of patients with internal conditions such as heart- and lung diseases or in metabolic disorders like diabetes? Then the Master of Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy in International Conditions is an excellent choice.

In this major special attention goes to:

  • safe reconditioning of patients after a heart attack and practical organisation of the cardiovascular revalidation;
  • taking stress tests;
  • registering and monitoring parameters such as oxygen intake;
  • improving mucus transport after an operation;

Your future

As a Master of Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy in Internal Conditions graduate you will have the necessary practical skills and theoretical knowledge to start a professional career as a physiotherapy practitioner and/or scientific scholar.