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Bridging Programme Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy
Academic year :

Model Path

Compulsory courses

Biomedical statistics3sp1st semester
Truijen, Steven
Research methods3sp1st semester
Gebruers, Nick
Anatomy3sp1st semester
Mistiaen, Wilhelm
Physiology6sp1st semester
van Breda, Eric
Exercise physiology3sp2nd semester
Vissers, Dirk
Clinical reasoning3sp2nd semester
Roussel, Nathalie
Professional communication3sp1st semester
Vissers, Dirk
Musculoskeletal pathology3sp2nd semester
Michielsen, Jef
Musculoskeletal physiotherapy upper extremity and spine3sp2nd semester
De Hertogh, Willem
Musculoskeletal physiotherapy lower extremity and spine3sp2nd semester
Van Daele, Ulrike
Cardiorespiratory physiotherapy3sp2nd semester
Vissers, Dirk
Neurological physiotherapy3sp2nd semester
Saeys, Wim
Applied biomechanics3sp1st semester
Struyf, Filip
Scientific writing: systematic literature review3sp1st/2nd sem.
Meeus, Mira