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Master of Drug Development: Pharmacist
Academic year :

Model Path part 1

Compulsory courses

Medicinal chemistry10sp1st semester
Augustyns, Koen
Toxicology7sp1st semester
Covaci, Adrian
Galenic pharmacy and biopharmacy II4sp1st semester
Kiekens, Filip
Galenic pharmacy and biopharmacy II: lab work5sp1st semester
Kiekens, Filip
Chemical structure determination of drugs3sp1st semester
De Bruyne, Tess
Pharmaco therapy and pharmaceutical care I7sp2nd semester
De Meyer, Guido
Pharmaceutical technology3sp2nd semester
Kiekens, Filip
Clinical biology and set up and evaluate clinical studies3sp2nd semester
Hendriks, Dirk
Pharmaceutical applications of molecular biology4sp2nd semester
Sterckx, Yann
Industrial Pharmacy Game: production and control8sp2nd semester
Foubert, Kenn

Optional courses

minimum 6 ECTS-credits to choose from:

Pharmaco-economics and health policy3sp2nd semester
Beutels, Philippe
Radiopharmacy3sp2nd semester
De Lombaerde, Stef
Financial management and legal aspects6sp2nd semester
NNB, -
Human genetics and pharmacogenetics3sp2nd semester
Van Camp, Guy