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Bridging Programme on Training and Education Sciences
Academic year :

Model Path

63 ECTS-credits to obtain

Statistics A6sp1st semester
van Daal, Tine
Statistics B6sp2nd semester
van Daal, Tine
Introduction to research methods and techniques6sp1st semester
van Daal, Tine
Measuring and observing6sp2nd semester
Lesterhuis, Marije
Qualitative Data-Analysis6sp2nd semester
Donche, Vincent
Scientific reporting3sp1st/2nd sem.
Van Waes, Sara
Sociological perspectives on the learning society3sp2nd semester
Van Gasse, Roos
Organisation studies6sp1st semester
Van Waes, Sara
Knowledge management3sp2nd semester
Kyndt, Eva
School and educational Policy3sp1st semester
Van Petegem, Peter
Learning and motivational psychology3sp1st semester
Duchatelet, Dorothy
Stimulating learning processes6sp2nd semester
Catrysse, Leen
Effective training6sp1st semester
Van den Bossche, Piet