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Master of Linguistics and Literature: Literary theory - Spanish
Academic year :
Important: students in this master cannot take courses in other languages than those taken in the bachelor.

The students take, in addition to the master's thesis (18 credits), electives (6 credits), Theory of Literature (12 credits), creative writing and literary course of the followed languages from the bachelor (6 credits) and 18 credits for Spanish, wherein at least one course Spanish literature and linguistics one course should be followed.

Master's thesis

Master project18sp1st/2nd sem.
Mortelmans, Tanja

General literary theory

Two courses to choose:

Writers at work: Textual Genetics and Text editing6sp2nd semester
Readers at Work: Post-Classical Narratology6sp1st semester
Herman, Luc

Creative writing and literary section of the followed languages ​​from the bach

Choose 6 credits

Creative Writing: The Narrative Essay6sp2nd semester
Herman, Luc
Austrian 20th century literature6sp1st semester
Liska, Vivian
Constructing Age in Modern Literature6sp1st semester
Joosen, Vanessa
Contemporary trends in French literary criticism6sp1st semester
Schuerewegen, Franc
Contemporary Dutch literature6sp1st semester
Absillis, Kevin
Spanish Literature and Culture 26sp2nd semester
Arbaiza, Diana

Spanish linguistics and literature

18 ECTS-credits to choose of which at least one course in literature and one course in linguistics

Spanish literature and culture 16sp1st semester
Ortuño Casanova, María del Rocío
Spanish Literature and Culture 26sp2nd semester
Arbaiza, Diana
Special problems Spanish literature and culture6sp2nd semester
Amann, Elizabeth
Special issues: contemporary Hispano American literature6sp1st semester
Logie, Ilse
Literature of the Spanish language area6sp2nd semester
Arbaiza, Diana
Methodological and theoretical foundations for the analysis of Spanish texts6sp1st semester
Arbaiza, Diana
Grammar and pragmatics of conversational Spanish6sp2nd semester
Gras, Pedro
Spanish linguistics: special issues6sp1st semester
Enghels, Renata
Spanish Linguistics: the Spanish of Latin America6sp2nd semester
Bouzouita, M.
Spanish Linguistics: Corpus Linguistics6sp1st semester
Gras, Pedro

Electives/Free choice

Students choose 6 ECTS-credits from the courses belonging to the Master¹s programme in Linguistics and Literature on the condition that these courses are related to their Bachelor¹s language combinations.
Courses that belong to a different master¹s programme than ³Linguistics and Literature", including master¹s programmes organised by another Faculty, will first have to be approved by the Education Board.

Internship6sp1st/2nd sem.
Rousseau, Valerie
Scientific internship6sp1st/2nd sem.
Rousseau, Valerie