European Constitutionalism and Fundamental Rights

Module coordinator: Professor Cedric Jenart

Examine in detail both the institutions and the instruments of EU governance specifically from a perspective of multilevel governance.

Analyse the traditional tasks and new functions of the judiciary, constitutional courts, national and regional parliaments and autonomous agencies from the vantage point of multilevel constitutionalism and on the basis of concrete cases.

Focus on federal and quasi-federal systems, based on indicators which allow for a useful comparison of multi-tiered systems, and learn to identify different approaches that national multi-tiered systems adopt in the face of national as well as global challenges, and how they can adopt a centralist, federal or confederal approach.

Gain insight into the multilevel aspects of European fundamental rights protection via supranational, regional and national instruments and institutions.

The module consists of these courses:

  • Advanced course: Constitutional Law of the European Union
  • Advanced course: Institutional Dynamics in Multilevel Constitutionalism
  • Comparative Federalism
  • European Fundamental Rights Law

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Privileged Partners

Our privileged partners for this module are:

  • University of Graz
  • University of Trento
  • Maastricht University