Sustainable Development and Global Justice

Module coordinator: Professor Wouter Vandenhole

Undertake a post-colonial analysis of public international law, look at the current meaning of sovereignty and at the role of the United Nations in the global development architecture, and focus on international environmental law and development.

Learn about the role human rights law can or should play in realising global justice objectives in the Global South, by zooming in on some of the ways the relationship between human rights (law) and development has been framed.

Human rights law is revisited from a developmental perspective by looking into the elaboration of indigenous peoples’ rights on the one, and into transnational human rights obligations on the other hand.

An expert from the South will help you gain an advanced, critical and context-sensitive understanding of the role of law and legal institutions in the Global South, from the perspective of these countries and their inhabitants.

You will also focus on a number of cross-cutting issues in order to demonstrate the linkages and complexities that weave together the three development policy regimes of aid, trade, and investment.

The module consists of these courses:

  • Advanced course: International Law and Sustainable Development
  • Advanced course: Human Rights and Global Justice
  • Local Perspectives on Law and Development
  • Law and the Global Economic Governance of Development

Read more about each course in the study programme.

Privileged Partners

Our privileged partners for this module are:

  • National Law University New Delhi
  • University of Padova
  • University of Pretoria
  • Pontifical Catholic University of Peru