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Preparatory Programme on Linguistics
Academic year :
The programme consists of:

- 21 ECTS-credits general fundamental and discipline-related courses

- 18 ECTS-credits language-specific courses in one language

Model Path

Compulsory courses (21 ECTS-credits)

Introduction to Western Philosophy3sp2nd semester
De Vriese, Herbert
General Linguistics 16sp1st/2nd sem.
Vermandere, Dieter
General Linguistics 26sp1st semester
Daelemans, Walter
Sandra, Dominiek
Science skills and statistics6sp1st/2nd sem.
Meeus, Hubert
Sandra, Dominiek


German Grammar 13sp1st semester
Smits, Tom
German Grammar 23sp2nd semester
Mortelmans, Tanja
German grammar 33sp1st semester
Mortelmans, Tanja
German Linguistics 13sp1st semester
Mortelmans, Tanja
German Linguistics 26sp1st semester
Mortelmans, Tanja


English: grammar 13sp1st semester
Brisard, Frank
English Grammar 23sp2nd semester
Ureel, Jim
English grammar 3. The complex sentence6sp2nd semester
Brisard, Frank
English Linguistics. Englishes old and new6sp2nd semester
Brisard, Frank
Petré, Peter


French linguistics 1: phonetics, morphology and syntax of modern French6sp1st semester
De Mulder, Walter
French Linguistics 2: grammatical and lexical semantics, synchronic and diachronic approaches6sp1st semester
Dendale, Patrick
Vanderheyden, Ann


Spanish linguistics: structure of contemporary Spanish6sp2nd semester
Gras, Pedro
Spanish Linguistics: language in use6sp2nd semester
Gras, Pedro


Dutch linguistics 1: basic concepts in syntax and morphology6sp1st/2nd sem.
Vandekerckhove, Reinhild
Sandra, Dominiek
Dutch Linguistics 2: Synchronic perspectives6sp2nd semester
Gillis, Steven
Nuyts, Jan
Kloots, Hanne
Vandekerckhove, Reinhild
Dutch Linguistics 3: diachronic perspectives6sp1st semester
Nuyts, Jan
Vandekerckhove, Reinhild